SLO100 Head Build

The photos show order of construction and how to position - install components. Chassis are from C3 Amps
Transformers are custom wound for C3 Amps by O'Netics to SLO spec.

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Chassis Setup & Prep
SLOChassis_V5 SLO V5 Rear SLO_Underside V5 Black SLO Stock Board Fit Transformer Fit Screw Bevel 1
BevelTools  Screw Bevle 2 Lamp to Faux CT Faux Center Tap PowderCoat 1st Hardware Install 1st Hardware Install

Wiring 1 & Chassis Assembly
BiasGroundWire BiasPot BusWire1
Bus Wire 2 BusWireSplit FauxCT Resistors Heater Wires Pin 6 Run Pre Amp Socket Resistors  

Wiring 2: Transformer Installation & Power Section Wiring
PT Hot Wire 1 Choke1 Lamp Hookup On Off Switch Standby Switch Heater Wire Power Board Pre-Install
Power Board Install Power Test          

Rear Component Installation

Front Component Installation
Front Panel Input Jack Input Coax
Switch Stack            

PCB Board Construction
Holder SLO Stock Power Board Complete SLO Stock Power Board
PreAmp Electrolytics Turrets Power Board Turrets PreAmp Board Swage1 Swage2 Swage3 Jumpers
Resistor Install Cathode Bypass Coupling Capacitors PreAmpWiring Pot Wires Completed Board

Final Testing and Setup