SLO Chassis - Board Fit
C3 Amps

The PreAmp Board holes are already in place. The power board holes must be drilled.
The reason for this is that there are several power board options. 2015 stock production board shown.
Earlier SLO's had axial style filter caps.
Current SLO's use radial can style caps. Other builders prefer to use turret boards.

Set the choke in its position and then lay the power board down. Position it for clearances, mark the hole locations and drill the holes.
If you are using stock SLO radial caps or 1" diameter axial caps, run the power section wiring under the board.
If you are using a 2" tall radial can style cap, use 1/4" stand offs. Run your power section wiring around the far end of the chassis... Not under the board.

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