100 Watt

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Soldano 100W Chassis

SLO100 Black


Precision engineered high quality chassis in both 100 Watt and 50 Watt versions. The goal was to produce the best chassis possible for your amplifier project. Manufactured from 16 guage steel just like the originals. The bends are flawless. All corners are fully welded then hand ground and finished to perfection. Perfect white powder coating inside and out insures that the chassis is not only beautiful but will stand the test of time. All lettering is black silkscreened both front and rear. Stainless steel M6 PEM nut inserts in the bottom of the chassis mean that you will not need to purchase cage nuts to mount this into your enclosure. The front holes are specified at .375" to accomodate potentiometers such as Clarostat's RV4's (milspec), CTS, Precision Electronics, and Alpha without extra drilling. This SLO100 chassis is designed for four output tubes of choice.


This is the incredible corner weld work that everyone wants and never gets

Silk Screened rear panel as well

Finish work on the inside is as nice as the outside


* Design Note *

The preamp (AX7) tube holes are optimized and aligned for the type of socket shown. The gap is just a few degrees off of the 12:00 position. The reason for this socket becomes obvious if you look at pins 4 and 5. The buss wire runs right through those two pins and the chassis hole position puts them right where want them. Pin 9 would be towards the Pots and Pins 4 and 5 would be inboard towards the preamp board.

The other socket type has the pin gap 90 degrees to the mounting holes. For that socket you would want your deck holes to be on a 45 degree angle.


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