Cut Potentiometer Shafts

The knobs on a Super Lead Overdrive are a very high quality. The guts are solid brass. Cut Shafts to .315" from bushing (threads).

Milspec pots must be cut to this length as they do not manufacture to this spec.
Honeywell Clarostat pot shafts are plated brass and cut quite easily.
Precision Electronics (PEC) shafts are stainless steel and very difficult to cut. Be careful of overheating.


Install the pots and the DPDT switch for reference. This is so that you can route the main grounding bus wire over it accurately to the Input Jack.

Bend the lugs back and turn them so that the bus wire will run through them (see schematic) and route to input jack.

Bus wire is easy to get straight but this long piece is the hardest one. Squeeze any kinks out. Chuck one end in a drill and the other in a vice.
Pull strong tension on the wire and slowly put 5+ turns on it. That is it. No magic and it takes less than a minute.

Pot Connections - This has been done with 18g Bus wire and non-shrink teflon tube jackets.
You can use regular wire or even shrinkable tubing on Bus wire.

More bits to make - Ground loops for the PreAmp Pots coaxial

Loops soldered to the bus wire run

Finished Depth Pot - Yellow wire runs to 4 Ohm Tap and Yellow/White to PreAmp PCB "Depth" Turret
The Front Panel is complete and ready for the PreAmp PCB installation and final connections.

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