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Why does this site exist?

I grew up loving the sound of a seriously overdriven guitar. The Soldano SLO100 is the ultimate tool for this task. A cranked up SLO generates the most amazing sound. It is simply astonishing for those who love the Overdrive. This is a hobby for me. I spend my days generating products for people that go to 11. The people that don't want something "off the shelf". An avionics suite in an aircraft that will blow your socks off or a Corvette with 7000 hours of labor in it to become beyond perfect. Those products are great off the shelf, but there wouldn't be any aftermarket products if people were that easily satisfied. That is what this is about.

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Why O'Netics Transformers?

There is no compromise. One needs to begin with a conversation with Bud Purvine. With that said, I should probably just quit right here. What happens when you forget to hook up your speakers when you flip on your amp? Your tubes will light up like a Christmas tree and eventually melt and very likely destroy your Output Transformer. At the very least you will always wonder what and how bad you hurt your precious amp. If you have an O'Netics OT, your tubes will still melt. The transformer itself won't even be bothered. These are build beyond any other production transformer available. Milspec.... Yes. Killer tone.... Yes. Bud is an engineer and has put a lot of energy into the design of his products. Most importantly. There are no compromises. Every other manufacurer has compromised. O'Netics has not.

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Why don't you punch all of the holes in the chassis for everything?

To do that, I would have to lock people into one transformer and a single build style. This is not a kit. The people building these have varying budgets and live all over the world. Some have limited access to parts. That means that many things are going to vary; Transformers, Chokes, circuit boards, and the location of all of the parts. Some put chokes underneath, some on top. It goes on and on. There would be nothing worse that a bunch of extra holes on the deck of your chassis that you couldn't use.

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Can you do chassis in other colors?

Currently the chassis is available in black or white with the corresponding opposite silk screen color. Custom single pieces are available on a limited basis at this time. Those of you that build motorcycles, restore cars, aircraft and other machinery probably know what it costs to powdercoat or paint a single piece professionally. The discovery usually starts with the fact that no one will do a single piece unless a rediculous amount of money is involved. You can see where this is going. It is now "semi" economical.

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Can you make custom chassis?

Yes. A one off will be quite expensive however.

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Do you make any other chassis styles?

I plan to delve deeply into the Marshall classics as well as HiWatt amplifiers. "When" is the better question and "soon" is the answer.

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Are you going to produce an entire kit?

Kits and fractions therof are available on request.

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