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O'Netics transformers are considered top tier components in the amplifier industry. They were the primary transformer supplier to Soldano for many years. Soldano did switch transformer suppliers for various reasons over the life of their business. As a result, some amplifiers may ar may not have O'Netics transformers installed. The specifications of these transformers are correct and will be equivalent or an upgrade to your existing components. If you transformers have failed in normal use, it is unlikely that they are O'Netics. ONetics products are extremely robust and rarely fail in normal duty cycle.
Avenger50:  Backordered 
Soldano Avenger 50W Power Transformer $150.00
Soldano Avenger 50W Output Transformer $211.00
Avenger100:  Backordered
Soldano Avenger 100W Power Transformer $176.00
Soldano Avenger 100W Output Transformer $272.00
Astroverb: Available
Soldano Astroverb Power Transformer $89.00
Soldano Astroverb Output Transformer $211.00
Decatone:  Backordered  
Soldano Decatone 100W Power Transformer $176.00
Soldano Decatone 100W Output Transformer $272.00
HR25:  Backordered
Not Available
HR50: Backordered
Soldano Hot Rod 50W Power Transformer $150.00
Soldano Hot Rod 50W Output Transformer $211.00
HR100:  Backordered
Soldano Hot Rod 100W Power Transformer $176.00
Soldano Hot Rod 100W Output Transformer $272.00
L13 50:  Backordered
Soldano Lucky 13 50W Power Transformer $150.00
Soldano Lucky 13 50W Output Transformer $211.00
L13 100:  Backordered
Soldano Lucky 13 100W Power Transformer $176.00
Soldano Lucky 13 100W Output Transformer $272.00
SM100R:  Backordered
Soldano SM100R 100W Power Transformer $176.00
Soldano SM100R 100W Output Transformer $272.00
X77:  No Stock
Not Available
X88:  No Stock
Not Available
X99:  No Stock
Not Available
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