WBT Furutech Wonder Eutectic Silver Solder
WBT Furutech Wonder TEutectic Silver Solder


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WBT Silver Solder
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 WBT Silver Solder (.8mm diam.)  -   Item Price:  $ .45 per foot

 Made in Germany, this is a eutectic solder that melts like butter and leaves the cleanest solder joints you have ever seen.
 It is arguably the best there is for High End Audio Equipment and Amplifiers and my personal favorite due to its low melting point
 and excellent flow characteristics.


 Highest quality silver solder with ~ 4% fine silver content. The halogen-free flux is gentle on precious metal surfaces and the melting  temperature  is extremely low (356°F/180°C). Only the use of WBT 4% silver solder will allow the full sonic potential of your project to be  achieved.

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Mundorf Supreme Gold and Silver Content Solder
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Mundorf's Best Solder with Both Silver and Gold (1 mm diam.) - Item Price:   $3.00 per foot

 This is the finest solder being manufactured today. It is the ultimate choice for tube sockets, cables and terminations. With its higher  melting point, it is not recommended for sensitive electronic components that may be damaged by heat. (Au .1% - Ag 9.5% - Cu 1.8% - Sn 88.6%). Choose Supreme for the Best of the Best for Cable connections. Silver and Gold is added to the solder which itself is a pure tin copper compound. Silver is used for better conductivity and retaining superior sound qualities.    .1% Gold is applied to safeguarding the sound properties. M-SOLDER Silver/Gold is always used where it is necessary to guarantee the excellent sound properties of the Mundorf Silver/Gold components. M-SOLDER Supreme solder guarantees the ambitious user of the Mundorf Silver/Gold products, with its even higher Silver/Gold content giving a correspondingly and uncompromisingly good solder connection. 1mm Dia. - 2.5% Flux - Lead and Cadmium Free Melting Point - 290C/554F.
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Wonder Solder with Silver
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 Wonder Solder Signature (.65mm diam.) - Item Price: $ .40 per foot

 Wonder Solder Signature.  Special formula has a low melting temperature (380 F). Compared to other solders,
 it melts sooner, then flows INSTANTLY into the joint. Result? Each joint takes far less time than other solders. Saving time, labor &
 money. Technical superiority: Wonder Solder cleans surfaces very well, giving superior adhesion and fusion, while flushing
 away impurities such as surface oxides from the signal path. Yielding cleaner, more transparent sound. Equally important, Wonder Solder  creates a purer metal solder joint, with less and fewer dirty impurities within the joint, than other solders, which leave more dirty  impurities trapped inside the joint (these dirty impurities, such as oxides, distort and degrade the music signal). Indeed, Wonder Solder's  purity is controlled with fanatical precision (2 parts per million) for key ingredients. That's a key reason why Wonder Solder sounds so  much better than other solders. Contains Lead.
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Furutech Silver Solder
product image  Furutech Precision Silver Solder (.7mm diam.) - Item Price: $ .78 per foot

 Outstanding Silver Audio grade solder with outstanding flow characteristics. 4% Silver - Very high quality. 96% Sn+4% Ag.
 (No-Lead) Rosin material is Ersin 362 Flux. Melting Point 220℃.
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Dayton Silver Solder
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 Dayton Silver Solder (.8mm diam.) - Item Price: $ .36 per foot

 Why bother spending more on high-end speakers and boutique crossover components to only have their sound dulled by standard
 lead/tin solder. The Eutectic nature of this solder is most apparent when the soldering iron is removed from the work and the sudden
 temperature drop initiates crystallization of the alloy. Eutectice solders crystallize uniformly and virtually instantly with no soupy phase.
 The result is greatly reduces cold solder joints and increases joint longevity. Dayton Audio silver solder consists of 4% silver content
 and provides greater electrical conductivity than standard solder and allows miniscule microphonic signals to make their way through
 the crossover and to your speakers. Signal distortion is also said to be reduced when using silver soldered joints, and performance is
 optimized at all frequencies for consistent, exact sound reproduction. Halogen-free flux allows for working with precious metal
 surfaces with little to no degradation.  Melting point (422.6ºF/217ºC)
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Johnson Silver Solder - (Made in the USA)
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Johnson Silver Solder (.8mm diam) - Item Price: $ .36 per foot

 High End Audiophile Solder. Johnson's IA-423 is a "ternary eutectic" alloy, i.e., a composition comprising its three component elements
 (tin, silver and copper) that both melts and flows at a single low temperature, 423°F (217°C). Practically speaking, eutectic alloys are
 shinier, stronger and have a tighter, more refined grain structure than near-eutectic or non-eutectic compositions. As a result, IA-423
 is becoming a highly desireable replacement for the lead-containing solders used in electronic assemblies, printed circuit boards and  many other high-tech soldering applications. Audiophiles also claim that IA-423 is the best sounding solder they've ever heard,
 possibly due to its improved conductivity, owing to both its high silver and copper content. Solder wire is .032" in diameter with a
 Rosin flux core. This solder is 4.7% Silver and 1.7% Copper & 93.6% Tin. This solder be used in conjunction with Flux Paste
 (preferrably Cardas), to improve the solder's workability so it flows easily.
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