SLO Transformers

ONetics transformers are known to be the best choice for kit built SLO's and replacement options. They are custom wound for this application and deliver the correct expected tone. ONetics transformers are over-engineered with respect to internal insulation, copper windings and basic construction. This is beyond what other manufacturers provide and has proven to be a valuable feature for the amateur builders around the world. The 100W versions will power up to four EL34 tubes without trouble. Transformer sets include Power Transformer, Output Transformer and 5H Choke.

100W SLO Transformers by O'Netics

SLO 100W Complete Set: $498.00
SLO 100W Power Transformer: $176.00
SLO 100W Output Transformer: $272.00
SLO 5H Choke: $35.00

50W Transformers by O'Netics

SLO 50W O'Netics Set: $391.00
SLO 50W Power Transformer: $150.00
SLO 50W Output Trasformer: $211.00
SLO 5H Choke: $35.00
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