Stock Soldano cabinet. This will fit all Soldano amps that are built on the 23 3/8" chassis. All 100W and 50W amps. Birch Construction, Nickel hardware with black as an option. Grills are CNC cut to OEM spec. Handles are stock OEM Fender™ with stock Soldano handle as an option. Each cabinet is hand made to order. Some stock Tolex viarieties are shown. Exotic woods, stains, dyes, fabrics, leathers and custom designs can be done on request. Additional charges will apply.

Soldano SLO Head Cabinet

(Includes grills, feet and mounting hardware)


*shown in grey Boa Snake
Tolex Covering
Hardware Color
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Grills - Soldano Amp Heads

Bone stock Soldano replacement grills - (front or rear)

(Includes grills and mounting hardware)
Boa Snake
Boa Burgundy
Black Levant
Marshall Green
Red Levant
Brown Levant
Cocoa Levant
Orange Levant
Purple Levant
Seafoam Levant
Silver Levant
Teal Levant
White Levant
Mesa Boogie Black
Orange Amp-Red
Orange Amp-Orange
Orange Amp-Black
Vox Red
Vox Orange
Vox Black
Vox White
Elephant Black
Elephant Red
Elaphant Purple
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