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Custom SLO Transformers by O'Netics for C3 Amps - High Definition & High Gain




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 Custom O'Netics Transformers Designed for C3 with SLO Voltages

Precision engineered transformers of the highest quality in the industry in both 100 Watt and 50 Watt versions. The goal was to produce the best transformer possible specifically for this modern high gain application. Severe duty construction well beyond milspec standards providing uncompromised tone and massive amounts of headroom that the SLO circuit craves. To say that these are designed  for arena sized play would be dead accurate. These transformers surpass the stock DeYoungs and other popular replicas.


 "The ONetics Hi Def Output Transformers have a flat power bandwidth that is amazingly detailed. Bass is very tight with, fast, muscular definition that allows it to handle even dissonance without faltering. The mids and highs are clear, fast and very revealing  without any trace of harshness. Aimed at the modern high gain amplifier, it handles heavy distortion and heavy transients without  strain."


 O'Netics 100 Watt SLO Set - Free Shipping

SLO 100W Transformer Set
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 O'Netics 50 Watt SLO Set - Free Shipping

 Custom Power, Hi Def Output and 5 Henry Choke

SLO 50W Transfomer Set
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Custom ONetics designed for C3 Amps

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SLO 100W Power Transformer
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SLO 100W Output Transformer
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SLO 50W Power Transformer
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SLO 50W Output Transformer
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10H Choke
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5H Choke
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