HiWatt F&T Capacitors Caps 385V 220uF
HiWatt F&T Capacitors Caps 385V 220uF


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 Milspec FR4 Boards with 3oz Copper Traces. Clear Solder Mask. Silver plated pads,
Curved traces. Boards come with construction notes. See Build Log.

* Stock radial boards are natural transparent yellow so that traces are visible through the board.
* Axial Filter Cap Style Power Board is Black (older SLO's)

* Radial/Can Power board fits almost all cannister style caps up to 2" tall
* Axial Power Board fits all axial filter caps up to 1" diameter and 3 1/8" long.

* PreAmp Board has built in Depth Mod

* Turret Boards are 1/8' Red Swirl all turrets installed
* Layout Schematics Provided

Email me if you have Questions: rob@c3amps.com

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